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Non-Profit Equine Organization

Message from Annie, 
Dear Saddle Club Members,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our members for your love and support of the Koons family at this time for the loss of Pam Koons, wife of George, our president.

It has been a difficult loss for everyone.

Pam will stay in our hearts forever more..

Let's 'ride on' 'till we cannot anymore!

We are all family, blessed to have each other to lean on for comfort, for laughter, in good times and in hardships, for Pam & George....and for the most beautiful creature God gave to us....the horse.

God Bless Pam

"Ride on..."

A cowgirl rides in Heaven
Roped by Our Father's hand
To dwell amid the angels
Within the Promised Land
Her hat is now a halo
Her boots now touch the clouds
Her wit and friendly musings
Now charm angelic crowds

She basks amid the sunlight
Fading into the West
Her spirit lies within us -
The lives on earth she blessed
We'll hold each gentle memory
In our hearts, evermore
Until our country cowgirl
Greets us at Heaven's Door

A cowgirl rides with Jesus
Our Father called her Home
To rest within His Kingdom -
A wondrous place to roam
We will always remember
With the highest of acclaim
The strength, love and compassion
Of God's angel, Cowgirl Pam


We will be having a membership meeting this 
Monday, April 3rd at 6pm

Pot Luck Theme is

"Bring what you like!"

There will be discussions on the following topics:
  • Vet Clinic & Open House / Tack Sale- May 13th 9am-3pm
If you would like a table, or do a demonstration outdoors, please contact Annie 783-2886
  • JD's Auction - 4pm-6pm Auction 6pm-9pm Dinner/Dance - Catered by Willies
All proceeds go to the Rodeo in Memory of JD - Ticket Price is $15.00 for Dinner & Dance
There will be a cash bar - Music by Steel Street Band
Tickets will be available soon - Will need Volunteers

  • Obstacle Course Completion
  • Handi Cap Seating Completion
  • Jackpot Barrel Races
And more!
Hope to see you all there!

Wet Mountain Valley Saddle Club
90 CR 241, Westcliffe, CO

Friday, April 28th -  6:30pm - 8:30pm

*Cash Bingo /  Cards $.25 ea

Including "Growing Jackpots"

*3 Progressive Jackpots! / Cards $.50 ea
*Cowboy Bingo Special Games / Wear your bandana and get an extra card!
Root Beer Floats & Sundaes: $2.00
Soda: $1.00
Candy Bars: $1.00
Coffee: FREE!
For more information, please call Annie Kerns 719-783-2886

4-H Working Ranch Horse Program
by Lisa Behrman

The working ranch horse program is to teach kids and adults the different types of ropes, how to properly take care of a horse and how to work cattle along with roping. This program has levels to complete before moving forward which we will do as a team, no one will be behind.  

Any questions, please call Lisa Behrman, 4h Leader at 719-371-0352.

2017 Schedule of Events

Please keep in mind that more events will be added and some event schedules may vary. 
Keep an eye out for updates!



As we are all aware, it can be a challenge to get thru the winter months financially for our Saddle Club.  Please consider sending in your 2017 Membership soon!
2016 was a fantastic year as we increased our volunteer base.  
It is our members and our volunteers who keep this organization moving forward!
Thank you to all who have donated your time & talents.
We hope to continue our success and increase memberships and volunteerism in 2017!

Thank you for your interest in  upholding our promise to the community, our youth, and our members in the struggle to maintain common interests and goals!

2017 Westcliffe Stampede Queen
Miss Katlyn Freeburg

2017 Westcliffe Stampede Queen's Attendant
Miss Megan Frahm

2017 Westcliffe Miss Stampede
Miss Brooke Flynn

2017 Westcliffe Stampede Princess
Miss Skyler Rose Smith

Brittanee Bohannan
2016 Westcliffe Stampede Queen
2017 Royalty Director

2017 Queen's Ball 

The 2nd annual Queen's Ball was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us. Thank you expecially to all the volunteers who made this night possible! I look forward to seeing this event grow each year. 

Thank you 
Katlyn Freeburg , 2017 Stampede Queen

2017 Royalty Sponsorships


If you would like to place a tax deductible donation, please contact:

Brittanee Bohannan
2016 Westcliffe Stampede Queen
2017 Royalty Director

Sponsored by the Wet Mountain Valley Saddle Club
Location: Music Meadows CTR (Type A Two Day, B1 Saturday only)
Address: 6076 CR 119, Westcliffe, CO 719-783-2222  
Date:    August 19-20, 2017   Rider Limit: 60

The Wet Mountain Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The ride will be on the valley floor with the Sangre Cristo Mountains and its many 14ers as a back drop. Trails will travel through rolling hills, pastures and light forest. Water will be from the historic Grape Creek that runs through the Music Meadows Ranch.

Directions to Camp : From the North or West: Go south of Westcliffe on HWY 69, 4 miles to Colfax and turn right. Go 6 miles and turn left at the T and follow signs to Music Meadows Ranch. From the South you will turn left on Colfax. We will have lots of signs and ribbons for you to follow.
Camp : Is a private dude ranch, there will be a $10 per horse charge. Horse water will be provided. Please bring people water. Days can be warm and nights cool, so bring a blanket for your horse. Shoes are recommended. 
Emergency Phone: Custer Sheriff 719-783-2270 Limited cells work at camp. Numbers will be shared at briefing.

Schedule : Ride check in starts at 1 PM, Pre-ride vet check-in begins at 2 PM Friday, Aug. 19, until dark. Please let management know if you will need an early Saturday check in. Ride briefings for all riders will be held each evening. 
Meals : NATRC chef Chuck Smith will be cooking Friday dinner, Saturday and Sunday lunch. Saturday dinner will be catered by our host Elin of Sangre's Best Beef. Friday night happy hour is 1 hour before dinner. Please bring something to share and what you want to drink, for a fun meet and greet. Volunteers will be fed all meal all weekend. There is a $30 meal charge for non-rider, non-volunteer.

Awards :  1 st thru 6 th place will have awards as well as Sweepstakes and High point combo. Novice will have ribbons too.
Rules : Ride will be conducted under current NATRC rules. Distance Only (DO) offered for those who wish to compete in mileage only. Health Certificates and Coggins are required for out-of-state horses. Panels will be allowed, they must be attached to the trailer and no larger than 12x12

Judges : Vet - Carrie Porter DVM (region 5)                 Horsemanship: Sarah Rinne (region 6)

Entry and Fees : Price includes all NATRC fees and Friday and Saturday camping fees: $145 Adult Member, $156 Adult Non-Member, $90 junior member. $101 Junior Non-Member (Region 3 has junior discounts, please check website) 1 day B ride (Saturday only) $120 Adult Members, $131 Adult Non-Member, $ 75 Junior Members, $86 Junior Non-Members. If you want to come in early or stay late it is $10 per trailer per night. If you have any questions please call Lin at 719-371-6008.
Remember NATRC is offering free membership to all first time members in 2017!
Checks payable to:    Lin Ward, 200 County Rd. 326, Westcliffe, CO. 81252
Deposit : $50 due with entry and if not paid by June 1 you will lose your entry place and be put on a Wait List. The balance is due at Ride Check-in. Refunds until July 28, 2017, less $15 administration fee. No Show, No Refund! 

Management : Jim and Lin Ward, Secretary: Lin Ward,  
     719-783-9 645 Cell 719-371-6008

Cyn Williams has stepped up to coordinate our Saddle Club Day Rides.
Email for more info
Thank you to Cyn!!

Watch your emails for the next scheduled ride!

I am sure that weather is going to be warming up before you know it!

Get Fit, Ride Better
Riding can improve your fitness, and fitness can improve your riding. Follow these guidelines to improve your balance and effectiveness as a rider. | Photo by Darrell Dodds

The best way to get in great shape and become a good rider is to ride. Having strong muscles is half of it, but training your brain and eyes and having balance and body control while on a moving object is also important. If you don't get this experience regularly, you will not be in the best possible shape for riding. The following are several exercises you can use on a daily basis to help stretch, strengthen, and tone the muscle groups you use during riding.

Do stair exercises.
 Walk up to the stairs in your home-if you don't have any, a stair stepper will do or a stepladder if you have one. Stand on the stair closest to the ground. When you stand, hold onto the railing at first. Now, holding the railing, balance on only the balls of your feet. Slowly stretch down and lower your heels until you feel the stretch in your calves. Sound familiar? This is recreating the stirrup! Hold for ten seconds. 
  • This will not only improve your position, but your balance as well!
  • Now, try letting go of the railing- this will take some practice. Try until you can balance for two seconds, then try five, then increase little by little as you improve.

Try the wall strengthening exercise.
This is a variation of the stair exercise. Walk up to any wall in your house and put your foot up against it about 1/2 to 3/4 of the position it would be in your stirrups. Hold for three seconds then release back against the wall.
  • Repeat five times; as you get better you can increase amount of time with your foot up and how many you do in all.

Try beach ball hip adductor exercises.
Use any rubber or plastic ball as long as it is at least a foot in diameter. Find a hard chair that allows your knees to sit at right angles to the floor and then scoot to the edge of the chair so that your thighs are completely off of it. Squeeze the beach ball between your knees, hold for fifteen seconds, and then release. Do this a few times a day until 15 becomes easy, then increase to 20, then 30, and so on.
  • This is a great way to increase your ability to hang on to your horse with your thighs. It increases the inner thigh muscles. You can also go to the gym and use what is called the "hip adductor" machine. Many equestrians who have had to take time off have noted that when they regularly use the hip adductor machine before getting back on a horse, they are more likely to feel fit and avoid the pain in the inner thighs when one gets back on a horse after a long time off.

Instructional Riding Group

We will resume the riding group in the spring!

Presented by
Kim Seng, Professional Trainer and Instructor
Kim Seng, is founder of  "Nature of the Horse" TM
Kim is a Certified: Centered Riding Instructor, Natural Methods Trainer,
Equine Behaviorist and Communicator, Path Intl Riding Instructor,
and  Horse and Human Development Expert
For more information and sign-up contact:
Kim Seng at 719- 989 -0466 or
Visit my website at:

horse eye weekly tip

Winter Grooming
Provided by Absorbine
DEC 21, 2016
Freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and slippery ice present horse owners with a host of concerns for the safety and comfort of their animals. However, most horses thrive in the winter weather. Taking a few extra measures to make sure your horse is warm and dry in the cold and snow will make for a healthy and happy winter season.
Keeping your horse clean through the winter not only keeps him looking good, but it's essential for his health. It's important to remove blankets regularly to thoroughly brush and remove any dirt, dust, and mud that has built up. Left unaddressed, a dirty coat can lead to bacterial and fungal infections. Comb through the mane and tail regularly with a detangler to fight knots and snags. Spritzing the coat with a waterless bath product will help keep him fresh and clean through the cold months when baths are not always a possibility.
  • Invest in a blanket with a neck. This will help keep your horse warm - and his mane from becoming extra tangled.
  • Spray ShowSheen® Hair Polish or Santa Fe Coat™ Conditioner on your horse before putting on his blanket. Our fans swear this reduces static, and helps prevent blanket rubs.
  • Just before your horse comes in from the cold, put a few towels in the dryer. A rub-down with the hot towels is a nice treat for your horse when he comes into the barn, plus it will help remove dirt from his coat.
  • For quick-touch ups in between baths, a waterless bath product like Miracle Groom® will clean and condition without water.
Hoof care is very important, too. Take care to pick your horse's hooves daily, removing debris and any ice and snow that accumulates. Also keep an eye out for thrush, an infection common in the winter. Applying a thrush remedy to the sole for a few days should quickly eliminate the problem.

Latest News from the
Colorado Horse Council

Volunteer Time Sheets


To help you keep track of the time that you volunteer with the Wet Mountain Valley Saddle Club, we have created a time sheet.


Please note that a Board of Directors member will need to approve your time with a signature. Below you will find a sample of the time sheet. 


Click Here 




Dear Saddle Club Members,


This year the Saddle Club would like to reach out to our members for your feedback.  The Saddle Club Board of Directors will address specific concerns that you may have as a member.


Below you will find a survey for you to complete and return either via email to, or if you wish to remain anonymous, please return at the next membership meeting.


As we move forward together as a club, an important goal for success is increased involvement from our membership.  Current studies show an average of 40 members out of over 100 attending monthly meetings.  The average number of volunteers is 10%.


We value our members and realize that your talents and ideas are vital to the growth of the Saddle Club.


Click Here 


Thank you for taking the time to respond.  Your input is very much appreciated!

Cowboy Dressage of Colorado
We need set help with set up and show
operations on Wednesday and Thursday, March
8th and 9th. If you would like to come have some
fun, learn about the court set up, and how a
show runs, please send your contact info to
Amy Ryals @
Volunteer times begin at 7am Wednesday.
Many open spots available so let us know when
to expect you! Spots available to work at our
booth during Expo, March 10th -12th.
We are always grateful for the wonderful folks
that show up to help.
You are what keeps us going!
No experience required. Come learn!

Special Pricing for Saddle Club Members!


6076 CR 119, Westcliffe, CO  81252
Phone: (719) 783-2222


Taste The Difference!

Elin  Parker  Ganschow
PO Box 1061
WestcliffeCO   81252
  (719) 783-2222



719-783-0563 - 307B Main Street

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Real Estate Brokers since 2003

Buying or selling...we would be honored
to assist you with your real estate needs!
Search the entire Westcliffe MLS from

3115 County Road 160
Westcliffe, CO 81252
"Experience the Difference a View Makes"
P | 719.783.9100
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George Koons, President (719) 371-3853
Steve Case (719) 783-0973
Marcie Wommack (719) 371-1508
Jim Bidwell (719) 239-0776

Alternates: Bob & Holly VanDuys (719) 783-0920

Annie Kerns, Executive Director (719) 783-2886
Manuel Fernandez, Webmaster

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